The Cancer Awareness Trust wants to make life simpler for people who are looking for information about Cancer, helping to save more lives

When someone is first diagnosed with Cancer, whether themselves or a family member or a friend, it is a time that is fraught with uncertainties and anxiety. Irrespective of the age of the person, they are bombarded with technical words and phrases that are sometimes overwhelming. With so much information available in the digital age, knowing what to read, watch and trust can be just as overwhelming.

About Us

Our vision is a world where people are able to survive cancer.

Our mission is to utilise the latest technology to make validated information available to people in a way that is accessible and appropriate for them.

Our Solution

Using the latest technologies we are building a digital platform that will sift and sense-check information about cancer, giving you the peace of mind that what you find here is credible and safe. Having access to validated information, in the right format, will allow you to make informed decisions about preventative options, treatments and care that you, or a family member, can access.

The platform build is currently underway and will launch in 2019.


The Cancer Awareness Trust is governed by a Board of Trustees. The Trustees will oversee a team of technical artificial intelligence and machine learning experts, who will design and build our digital platform. It will also oversee the development of the charity supporting its fundraising, growth and marketing outreach.

Our Founding Trustees

Our Trustees are committed to helping people access information that they can trust, in order to save more lives.

Professor Sir Chris Evans

Dr Rajan Jethwa

Professor Alan Palmer

Our Panel of Experts

As world leaders and renowned professionals in their fields, our Panel of Experts will oversee a rigorous validation process, to ensure that the information available through our portal can be trusted.






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